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It made it hard to be friends with Holly and Blake and really wish them well - I do wish them well but that really upsets me."Holly spoke about a conversation you had before the show when you said you didn't want to get back together until it was over. "We talked about a week before we went on the show and hung out the next few days.It was great and super friendly and then getting there it was kind of a quick evolution for me.

' and that's when my heart dropped and I thought, 'oh God, what is this?

We really talked about those things but I was pretty adamant about waiting because I felt like that would work."Do you think things would have been different if Blake wasn't in the house? Holly and Blake are in love and they are engaged so I don't necessarily wish that he wasn't there…

I didn't want to start things until after the show was done but I think Holly would have gone to me instead. We kind of agreed before it happened to let Holly go on that date and I talked to Holly about it and trusted her enough and where we were at in getting back together and kissing and falling in love again.

We kind of used Kasey's ego against him and would do the movie with him.

Pull him aside and say, 'hey Kasey, we were lightly thinking here about voting these people off or this person but probably this person - what do you think about this?

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It's sad to say that."You showed a lot of emotion on the show. Then everything completely changed."But in terms of falling in love with her again and opening up to her again, I don't regret that at all.

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