Scam dating in ukraine

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Scam dating in ukraine

For instance, mothers or grandmothers are told the son or grandson committed a crime and a bribe is required to stop the police from opening a case.Because in Ukraine it’s possible to transfer funds to a phone number or a card instantly, some sensitive mothers get so scared that they send money, as corruption is widespread and they are not surprised about such a request.Older ladies show them cash, which fraudsters put in an envelope together with the “discount coupon” offering an extremely good price, and then skilfully replace the envelope with another one, which has no money inside but some newspaper off cuts. Apartment rentals are another area where scams are rampant.Scammers rent an apartment for one day and show it to long-term renters as if they owned the unit and take a deposit, sometimes from several potential clients.Websites with ads where people advertise to sell goods privately similar to Craigslist are popular in Ukraine.

Scammers created duplicate websites copying genuine auto brands such as Kie, Hyundai or Toyota.

Such fake sellers also collect credit card details, which they use for online purchases.

Scammers use popular items as a bait, such as mobile phones, electronic gadgets, TVs. Con artists steal number plates from cars and then hide them somewhere near the place of theft.

Then they published phone numbers of people who supposedly “won” cars on the websites and sent SMS messages to “winners”.

The person followed the link, saw his phone number and called the number of the site, as instructed, to claim the prize.

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The criminals leave a note on the car with a phone number.

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