Linksys n wireless validating identity

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Linksys n wireless validating identity

Also, I can't seem to pass DHCP addressing through the WAP either. I wear a lot of hats - Developer, Database Administrator, Help Desk, etc., so I know a lot of things but not a lot about one thing.

Experts Exchange gives me answers from people who do know a lot about one thing, in a easy to use platform." -Todd S.

After it has saved can you then go back to the wireless window and choose Wirless G only for the Wireless Mode then change the Standard Channel to 1 or 11 and save your settings. Saved settings and restarted computer - ran speed test from 3 different sources.

Once all that is done can you then wait about 2 minutes and see if you can connect your wireless machines using the password XXXXX just set and see if you can get online and then test your speed. Still only getting half speed through the wireless router. Ok, lets try updating the firmware on your router to the latest version, To do this can you use one of the machines that can connect to the router and internet and go to the Linksys website here once there can you enter your routers model number then hit the arrows to continue and enter the model version which will be on the label on the bottom.

Do I need to set up another RADIUS policy for just the user, and if so do I need to deploy user certificates somehow?

How should this policy be configured to work with the computer authentication?

I have tried to take a stab at PEAP/WPA2 in a lab environment. When turning the client TEST/TESTXP on the computer certificate authentication seems to be working (First 2 log entries) but after 3-4 minutes of "Connected" there is a "Validating Identity" then "Not Connected" message on the XP wireless connection - seems to be with the user authentication (Last 2 log entries). LOCAL,07/07/2008,, IAS, TEST1,4128,linksys-g,4,,5,0,30,00-1D-7E-03-67-52,31,00-90-4B-79-96-BC,12,1400,61,19,77, CONNECT 11Mbps 802.11b,4108,,4116,311,4155,1,4154, Use Windows authentication for all users,4129, TEST\TESTXP$,4149, PEAP and WPA,25,311 1 06/26/2008 834,4132, Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2),4127,11,4130, TEST. LOCAL,07/07/2008,, IAS, TEST1,4128,linksys-g,25,311 1 06/26/2008 834,4132, Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2),4127,11,8100,0,4108,,4116,311,4155,1,4154, Use Windows authentication for all users,4129, TEST\TESTXP$,4149, PEAP and WPA,4294967207,2,4294967206,4,4130, TEST.

I can't seem to find what I am missing to keep that PEAP/WPA2 more than 4 minutes. LOCAL/Computers/TESTXP,4136,1,4142,0192.168.1.200,host/testxp. LOCAL/Computers/TESTXP,4120,0x01544553,4136,2,4142,0192.168.1.200, TEST\testadmin,07/07/2008,, IAS, TEST1,4,,5,0,30,00-1D-7E-03-67-52,31,00-90-4B-79-96-BC,12,1400,61,19,77, CONNECT 11Mbps 802.11b,4108,,4116,311,4128,linksys-g,4155,1,4154, Use Windows authentication for all users,25,311 1 06/26/2008 835,4129, TEST\testadmin,4130, TEST\testadmin,4127,5,4136,1,4142,0192.168.1.200, TEST\testadmin,07/07/2008,, IAS, TEST1,25,311 1 06/26/2008 835,4127,5,4130, TEST\testadmin,4129, TEST\testadmin,4154, Use Windows authentication for all users,4155,1,4128,linksys-g,4116,311,4108,,4136,3,4142,48 "The solutions and answers provided on Experts Exchange have been extremely helpful to me over the last few years.

Would I still need to run a cable from my linksys to the new router and bridge the connection?It is much more detailed than the CSV text file logging.Here is the Event Log - 2 events; 1st one it is accepting the XP workstation then denying the user a couple minutes later on the 2nd event.When the download page opens can you download the latest firmware and save it to your desktop. When the second Linksys died I went to a more expensive 0 model, which is where we're at now.Next can you login to the router and open the admin page then choose Firmware Update and then can you click the browse button and find the file you downloaded then hit upgrade firmware and let it work. When I say "died" I don't mean they quit working entirely - it's been the same kind of problem for all of them, reduced speed through the wireless router. Can you open a dos window then type ping -f -l 1500 then hit enter and you should get a message that says packet needs to be fragmented When you get that can you type ping -f -l 1450 and try again and you should get a reply message, if you do can you try ping -f -l 1475 and keep testing till you get to the magic number 1 digit below where you get the message packet needs to be fragmented.

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Honestly I am about out of ideas as the router is setup correctly now we have tweaked it for the best and strongest signal possible, beyond this the only other option would be to try a factory reset of the router so we can see if that would clear out all the routers caches, etc however I dont see that speeding the unit up.