Isotope dating information forummembers

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Isotope dating information forummembers

Older samples in this range are dated using the uranium/thorium disequilibrium method whilst younger samples are dated using the lead-210 dating method.

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ANSTO's dating services have also been applied to Pacific island lake sediments, Aboriginal rock art and archaeological artefacts, to mention just a few of the many applications of these powerful techniques.

To read in more depth print off our fact sheet (pdf).

Radiocarbon dating is possible in diverse materials, such as charcoal, bones, textiles, foramifera, pollen grains and rock art, to name just a few.

In some instances, ANSTO is capable of radiocarbon dating samples containing just five micrograms of carbon.

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The Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Group operates the AMS resources at ANSTO, including the measurement capabilities at the Australian National Tandem for Applied Research (ANTARES), the two million volt tandem accelerator STAR and sample processing and target preparation in the AMS chemistry laboratories.

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