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As cinema is one of our culture's most prominent forms of storytelling, our films about this war need to ensure that we tell the truth to future generations - good and bad - while also honoring the men who fought it.It's a tough juggling act, but I believe that collectively, the films below make a proper cinematic tribute to what is one of our most contentious conflicts.

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It's also one of the first films to deal with vets that returned back to the states without proper job training and with vets who were treated poorly upon their return from Vietnam. Ultimately, a tale of moral choice, the film follows Taylor as he's forced to choose between two contrasting platoon sergeants: Sergeant Elias (William Dafoe), the moral good sergeant, and Sergeant Barnes (Tom Berenger), the violent psychopath. We hold the Rambo franchise responsible for the purposeful dumbing down of so much American cinema. Rambo then proceeds to single-handedly take on the entire Vietnamese army…and win! Army radio DJ for the Armed Forces fighting in Vietnam.

Sure, it's all done in a crazily over the top manner, but underneath the testosterone charged action lies a tender story about a vet crying for help and not receiving it from the country that tasked him with performing its dirty work. Gene Hackman leads a crack team of commandos into Vietnam to retrieve his son who is being held as a prisoner of war. Ever heard of anyone mention it in a conversation about Vietnam films? In this film, Rambo goes into Vietnam, by himself, to rescue American prisoners of war who have been forgotten by the U. This film is an offense to the real-life POWs that were left behind. Loved by the troops, but hated by the command for his irreverent tendencies, the comedic war film is a perfect showcase for the loopy antics of Robin Williams.

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There are a select few pornstars with Vietnamese backgrounds, but professional porn production in the country is limited.

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