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Remember, you likely won’t be back to your dream destination for a while, and spending that time taking couples selfies instead of snorkeling or hitting the sites you came to see is a waste of your vacation.

Unless your name is Stella and you’re on a mission to get your groove back, chances are you booked your vacation to do something other than spend it with someone you just met.So, that Brazilian smoke show you met during your semester abroad may have thought your complete inability to samba was adorable, but you know what's even more adorable? No, if a guy asks you to go on vacation, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s serious about you. Even, oh, ten years ago or so, you didn’t go on vacation with someone you were seeing unless you were very serious about that person—as in marriage serious. Do you want to be his destination f**k, or do you want a serious, long-term relationship? Having you around may actually motivate them to work out harder!" —"There are a lot of places you can go to meet guys when you have a break from school. If you're in your hometown, head to the movies, your favorite low-key restaurant, a theme park, or even a museum." —"If the weather is nice, the beach is a great place to meet guys—everyone loves hanging out in the sand!

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I met a girl once at the midnight premiere for one of the "Believe it or not, a lot of guys like to hit the gym hard during vacation.

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