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FIRMWARE WARS – if you are making BD-R’s for yourself or for your customers, it a good idea to get to know the more popular Blu-ray players. Most of the older Blu-ray players need a firmware update to play BD-R or BD-RE (re-writeable). I’ve heard arguments ranging from constant changing of the Blu-ray spec to copyright issues.

When I loaded the same BD-R discs into a 60GB version of the PS3 and the Panasonic BD-30, they played perfect no issues. Sony may a few different BD drive mechanisms and/or controllers that they have been using for the different PS3 models over the past few years.

They also have several different ways to control the disc menu with different hardware (controllers and remotes) .

I also use a Panasonic DMP-BD30 for testing and have had excellent results. We do have several early Sony and Samsung models in the Encore lab– Some of these models had serious issues early on but were fixed with Firmware updates. If you are making Blu-ray discs for sale, make sure to tell your customer that they may need a firmware update to play your BD-R or BD-RE discs.

Hopefully with newer models coming out now, the BR players will work more like standard DVD players as far as playing burned media.

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The most recent update gave us new BD-Live support that allows access the web from the video or menu for additional content.

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