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Trenton dating com

Artist Illia Barger painted the mural in 2006 in a technique known as trompe l'oeil (French for "deceives the eye").

Trompe l'oeil paintings give the impression that they occur in three-dimensional space.

It was followed up over the next ten days by additional victories at the Second Battle of Trenton (see entry below on this page) and the Battle of Princeton.

[7] The earliest intentions to build a monument to the Battle of Trenton date back to 1843.

On July 8, the first three public readings of the Declaration of Independence were held in Trenton, Philadelphia, and Easton, PA.

(Hessians were German mercenary troops hired by the British to fight in the American Revolution.) The attack occurred early on the morning of December 26 and would become known as the First Battle of Trenton.

(See next several entries.) [4] This marble statue which commemorates Washington's Crossing of the Delaware was sculpted in Italy by Mahlon Dickerson Eyre.

In this case, the painting gives the illusion that you are looking through a brick arch at the scene of the reading on the courthouse steps.

The effect is deepened because Barger has painted two men in modern dress who appear to be standing outside the arch looking in at the 1776 courthouse steps scene, which makes it appear that the two men are standing outside of the painting itself looking in. The disbelief is the magic carpet that brings them there."[3] For more about artist Illia Barger, visit her website The year of 1776 was a tumultuous one for the American cause in the Revolution.

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However, it took a half century for the monument to become a reality.