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Not only is Germany still digesting its decades-long divide into capitalist West and communist East, but is also splits into gastronomically distinct northern and southern halves, along the so-called [3].China is an industrious coastal zone with a western interior in catch-up mode. can be split in (at least) three different ways into dual geographies.This was possibly done to continue distinguishing between ship radios in the Gulf of Mexico (which started with K) and land radios in Texas (which started with W when it was an 'eastern' radio state).A decade into the first federal regulation of station call signs, the K/W line was moved to the Mississippi, turning Texas and 10 other 'eastern' (W) states into 'western' (K) ones [8].But it also speaks Mandarin in the North, and Cantonese in the South. There's that bi-coastal pincer movement, as per above.There's the historical division into North and South.Ship radios on America's Pacific coast start with W, and with K on the Atlantic side [7].

In the latter scenario, the aim was to extend W call signs to radio stations on land in the west of the country, and K to terrestrial stations in the east - but the instructions got scrambled somewhere between the draft of the order and its implementation.

Finally, there's the distinction of 'Back East' versus 'Out West'.

An informal dividing line between the latter pair is the Mississippi, a waterway also used to demarcate the border of 10 states [4].

1 on Billboard''s pop, country, rock and hip hop charts.

Country music came out on top with an average reading level of 8 and a half, while rock and pop tied at 8.

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Other songs included are Maroon 5's catchy-for-a-bit-now-make-it-stop "Moves Like Jagger" ft.

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  1. Directed by Christopher Cain, it's like a Western-style dress-up party for Hollywood kiddies, horses and guns included." - Hal Hinson, Washington Post (8/16/88) Young Guns Special Edition (Lions Gate, 2003) Billy the Kid Returns (Republic, 1938) Roy Rogers has a dual role in this one, playing himself and the reincarnated double of Billy the Kid.