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We talked at that table, and—after a brief, rainy walk—in the lounge of a nearby hotel.

There was a stiffness to the transaction, but she was not unfriendly; she laughed now and then, and was clearly pleased to be able to talk about her book.

It had been fourteen years, she calculated, since she’d been interviewed by someone who’d read the imminent novel.

Once the Potter series had taken off, her representatives kept unflinching watch over Rowling’s words, in order to enhance the drama of synchronized international releases, and to help suppress piracy.

During the podcast, they looked up “parish council” on Wikipedia, and established that the term refers to the lowest rung of English local government.

One of the hosts, Melissa Anelli—a thirty-two-year-old who runs a Potter Web site, stages an annual Potter convention, and has published a sharp-witted book about Potter enthusiasts—pondered the title, asking, “What’s casual, ever, about a vacancy?

In response, a British publisher announced “The Vacant Casualty,” billed as a parody, if one can parody something whose contents are unknown.An assistant had shown me to a front room on the parlor floor.Rowling was sitting at the head of a polished table, with a cup of black coffee and a newspaper; as I entered, she took off large black-framed glasses.(It was in this context that, in 2005, a British security guard who had stolen two copies of “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” from a book-distribution center fired a gun during negotiations to sell a copy to a reporter from the .)Her writing life was oddly self-contained, even if, by the end of the Potter series, she was receiving between one and two thousand pieces of mail a week.Rowling does not widely distribute her unpublished manuscripts, and her publishers seem to have processed them with little intervention.

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(Neil Blair, her agent, told me, “She takes a lot of time getting it right and then hands in a book that doesn’t need much editing.”) A few years ago, in a conversation with Melissa Anelli, the podcast host, Rowling criticized herself for not quite finishing “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.” “I didn’t do the final edit that I normally do before I hand it to the editors, and it definitely shows,” she said, sounding almost like a self-published author.

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