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“I imagine the parents and kids reading the map together, discussing their upcoming trip to Paphos, for example, and working out what there is en route that the kids themselves might find fun to do.” Then, of course, there are the follow-up activities, and as a writer, ex-teacher and grandmother herself, Christiane is only too aware of the hands-on involvement and local titbits that fascinate the young.Yes, one side is a gorgeous topographical representation of the island, dotted with fun activities and places to visit, eye-catching illustrations of treasure chests and flamingos, and interesting factoids.But the other is a cornucopia of information on the high points of each district, perfectly pitched for kids between the ages of four and 12.), Chocolate Workshops, a secret maze, and a mermaid cruise.While Christiane wrote the text (aided by Mark Fields, who helped with the editing), and Marcos worked on the graphics, it’s Nicolas Rivero who hand-drew the whole thing.

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However, if you’ve lived here for any length of time you’ll know that both pale in comparison with the roadside yiayia: possibly the most accurate form of navigation ever to exist.

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