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At the same time, you have to think about that because again, I had so many white men sit across from me and say, “Oh, you’re not like those other black girls” or “You’re really pretty for a black girl.” “Because they have this idea of what a black woman is in their mind and they know that they don’t like that. We’re all hella, hella, hella diverse, especially black women.

We’re diverse, we have different interests, we have different things.

Only because to me rejection is one of those situations that leaves you open to more possibilities.

I know a lot of people have a hard time dealing with rejection, but for me rejection has always been, you know, it’s saving my time, it’s saving my energy. I don’t believe in trying to explain to a man why I am desirable as a black woman. It has never really made any sense to me, and it is what it is. Right, because, and I can admit this, even though it’s really problematic: There was a time where I was guilty of putting racial preferences in my profile. Now we can have a whole conversation about Latino and how there are white Latinos, there are black Latinos, there are Asian Latinos, but that’s what I put in my profile, so we’re just going to be honest, okay?

If you’re not already subscribed, please feel free to subscribe so you can get your True Tea every single Sunday in your subscription box. I’m always looking for tea suggestions, so please put them in the comment box below. Because I’ve seen many posts on Tumblr about this topic, but I’ve never seen a clear answer on the subject.

Anyhow, today I am actually drinking some vanilla and cinnamon black tea from Trader Joe’s. For example, is it racist if I say I don’t like Asian guys?

Why would I want to deal with somebody who’s not interested in me?

I think that a lot of times when people reject anyone of any race, they’re usually basing it on stereotypes.

They’re usually basing it on this idea that they have of a person’s race, but not actually who those people are.

Anyway, on that note, hopefully you guys enjoyed that brew.

I know that the comments section is going to be all over the place, so please again be cordial.

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I’ve been on dates with guys who have said to me point blank, we’re on a date, we’re sitting in here, we’re having a conversation, we’re on a date.

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