Ps3 nba 2k8 not updating

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Is the Motorstorm "patch to make it co-op" rumor officially dead yet? There are a bunch of 2 player games coming up for the PS3 that aren't out yet... I wasn't planning on putting any games that aren't out in full version yet on this list, but can add some if people think they should be on it.Originally Posted by corymat Rainbow 6 Vegas dows have offline co-op (kinda).The first terrorist stands still in the middle of the street while shooting at me, and I'm actually able to hit him!Then I hit another who also holds in place long enough for a totally 1st timer to hit him. We chose "normal" mode both for our two-player and the 1-player experiment. It is more or less making the game immpossible for us to learn in two-player mode....Technically, you can load the maps in the order of the story and play the whole game through in co-op mode, but you miss all of the cutscenes/explanation, so you just get a little copy blurb on the loading screen saying what's going on.It's fun but to my wife and I (we love playing co-op games) it really made the game less involving because it just seems like a bunch of maps instead of a story.Puzzle Game Spot Rating 6.2 Fair Connectivity: Broadband Only Resolution: 480p, 720p, 1080i, Widescreen Offline Modes: Cooperative Online Modes: Competitive Number of Players: 1-2 Number of Online Players: 2 Online Rampage World Tour Game Spot Rating 5.3 Mediocre Resolution: 480p, 720p, 1080i, Widescreen, 1080p Resolution: 480p, 720p, Widescreen Offline Modes: Cooperative Number of Players: 1-3 Number of Online Players: 3 Online Joust Game Spot Rating 5.2 Mediocre Connectivity: Online Resolution: 480p, 720p, 1080i Offline Modes: Competitive, Cooperative Online Modes: Competitive, Cooperative Number of Players: 1-2 Number of Online Players: 2 ___________________________________________ PS3 games Competitive only Warhawk (not sure if there’s a possibility of co-op on the same console or not – is that what they mean by “team oriented”? I didn't single out just FPS or action titles, they were just the ones that I found while checking on every title I could find, except for sports games.

So after pretty much giving up on the game, I thought, why not try it in one-person mode. People in the helicopter are talking about what's going on, when I'm dropped on the street, everything is MUCH easier.As I've been looking for 2 player PS3 games to play with my wife, I ended up checking out the details of every PS3 game out ATM (so I'm not including Army of Two and a few other games that haven't come out yet)...I have used Gamespot exclusively to come up with this list… We are really looking for co-op games so I separated the co-op possible games from the competitive only games.Split screen vertical looks pretty cool on our new 40" widescreen TV.(We’ve been trying out Rainbow Six some, but may look into Resistance instead).

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I wish more games had 2 person offline co-op, online is good but not the same.