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Panjabi chat sex com

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One day I told her that our sex life is becoming bore and need to spice it up.

Akanksha was wearing thigh length skirt and deep neck top while he arrived. Friday came and its the party time since its long weekend. After few more drinks I wanted to go and take rest.

I can still recall Gaurav when he saw Akanksha in this short dress. I said lets finish this party and we should sleep now.

My friend Gaurav called from India and informed that he is travelling to my city. I told my wife that Gaurav will be coming to our city. She asked me where he is going to stay, I told that he might be staying in hotel while looking for apartment. I was totally agree and called Gaurav that he is supposed to stay with us until he gets the apartment. as she was so much drunk, she was sitting without crossing lags and now her panty was full visible.

I would like to get your comments as I proceed with my story. As she was wearing short nightie , whenever she used to sit or get up her white panty gets visible and Gaurav eyes were almost chasing that.

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