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According to Nielsen Media Research data, 32 percent of the audience for NHL games is female, greater than that of the NBA and only 2 percentage points behind MLB and the NFL, respectively.

“Those girls got gigantic rings,” Bonnie Fuller says of the diamonds given to Underwood and Duff.

“Those huge hunks of ice are bound to catch a girl’s eye.”And, evidently, get them to watch hockey.

Correction: This article initially misidentified Slap Shot as Slapstick.

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Peter Lauria is senior correspondent covering business, media, and entertainment for The Daily Beast.

Currently, some of the most famous hockey wives include blonde beauties who recently wed their hockey studs but were already household names to begin with.

But even Jennings concedes that it doesn’t hurt to have younger stars like Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, Mike Cammalleri, and Zach Parise, who are good-looking and articulate.

Ratings in the women 18-49 and women 25-54 demographics are up 4 percent and 5 percent over 2009, respectively, and are the highest in those demographics since 2002.

While the total audience for hockey games is dwarfed by those of baseball, football, and basketball—the NHL averages 928,000 viewers per contest; by comparison, the NFL gets 19.3 million—the percentage of female viewers is on par with that of other leagues.

Now, however, suburban mothers and career women are getting hip to what these famous starlets have known for a while: Hockey players are sexy.“I watch the games with my husband and I have no idea who anyone is,” says Sue Loeb, a mother of two from Clifton, New Jersey, whose husband, Dan, is a rabid New York Rangers fan.

“But then I see pictures of these guys in magazines and online without their equipment on, and you see how good-looking they really are.”Sure, the NHL’s ratings increase among women viewers can be dismissed as merely a spillover effect from the Winter Olympics in February, when the final, thrilling overtime gold-medal match between the United States and Canada was watched by almost 28 million people, the largest audience for a hockey game in the U. since the 1980 “Miracle on Ice” game against the Soviet Union in Lake Placid. Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist at Rutgers University and author of several books on the mating habits of humans such as Why Him, Why Her, says there’s a subconscious sociological element at play.

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Hollywood posted a closeup of the gaudy diamond ring, with an appraiser estimating its value at upward of $750,000.

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