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Konata izumi dating sim

There’s almost nothing he doesn’t know about the original video game.Kaito is always walking around with a handheld gaming console. Even when he’s in conversation he’s playing video games.

Or at least that’s her usual routine in the rom com series: Gamers.

And out of habit he manages to take in what other people are saying, regardless of Kaito’s bad habits of multi-tasking.

Squid Girl loves playing video games with Ako and Chizuru’s little brother.

And a surprisingly good one, considering many are so average.

Karen Tendou is one of those girls who from the outside looking in, seems too flashy and prissy to be judged as a gamer. 😉 And even though she spends a lot of time gaming, she’s disciplined.

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It’s also one of the biggest video games of all time.

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