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Internet dating experience

Basically it was five hormonal women all living in the same house with, er, just one bathroom ) life was busy busy busy!! I uploaded my profile with the usual stuff single, ok looking, interests etc etc. well, acceptable, yes well none of us are getting any younger (49, oh dear) and I certainly don’t have the figure I used to have (they didn’t call me sexy sue for nothing ha ha) but now I’m just ok… I don’t know how or why I managed it but I’ve always seem to go out with ‘Mr nice guy who then turns into ‘Mr controlling’.

Our heavenly swingers platform has been designed to help single members, couples and groups easily meet up thanks to the all the dating tools and features we provide all our members over fifty We like to think of uk as being one of the favoured choices for over fifty UK dating sites with a lot to offer!About half an hour before I’m due to leave I get a text from ‘the lucky guy’ to ask me NOT to wear perfume as he’s allergic to it !! I love to smell nice and I assume he’s also not going to be wearing any aftershave either. ) and when I let him get a word in edge ways he doesn’t really have anything interesting to say about anything. But hey I’m not gonna be beaten by the first hurdle so after two hours of polite conversation and more or less no eye contact I make my excuses and promise to be in touch. I get to the bar (a nicer choice than the first guy) a little early (I know I’m too keen this time) and after not receiving a text asking me not to wear perfume I’m soaked in the stuff) as I wait outside the front of the bar I see a gorgeous little sports car park up and a tall cute muscular man get out and make towards me – result.He’s exactly my type (physically anyhow) and I’m praying he likes me too.We meet up for a meal in a nice little pub and he seems to be so attentive and amiable that I relax straight away and we start to get to know each other. Should I give up now – and face a life of a potential singleton or carry on a possible futile search for that one special person who may not even exist.After a couple of hours we’re chatting away like old friends and after the initial awkwardness of him explaining about his wife’s illness and subsequent death and how much he’s tried to ‘keep it together’ for his son I warm to him even more. Before I can run for the door he brings out a photo of his dead wife. His eyes fill up and actually so do mine and I feel so sorry for this poor guy who obviously isn’t ready to be out into the cut-throat world of Internet dating yet. I listen right through to the chocolate fudge cake of how much he needs a new wife and when I can’t stand it anymore I wish him all the luck in the world and head for the hills. I wish I knew the answer – at least it would save me a lot of money on hairdressing bills!

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I give the hairdressers a miss this time and decide to ‘bun it’ and I just go smart casual.

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