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Quite complex databases can be built in a few hours by borrowing structures and vocabularies published by other users.Databases can be designed and built incrementally, as existing data are not affected by changes in structure.It may be installed in-house on a Windows/Linux/Unix system or hosted on a system operated by the developers.Adobe Bridge is a media management application used for organizing, browsing, locating, and viewing creative assets.It is easy to collaborate with others because they see exactly what you see on the web pages.If you still use copy and paste, screenshot tools, email or chat to discuss web pages, Snapzen will show you a better way.Zotero is a free tool that collects, manages and cites research sources.

The image content is processed on-the-fly by a Java Servlet on the server side so that only the visible portion of the image is sent to the web browser on the client side.Automatic and interactive segmentation tools support processing of 3D image data.Features: Viewshare is a free web application for creating interfaces and visualizations of cultural heritage collections.HEURIST ( is an extremely flexible, end-user oriented, web-based data management system designed specifically for Humanities data.Developed since 2005, it has been in active use across many projects since 2009.

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It is available both as a free web service for researchers (hosted at the University of Sydney Data Centre) or for installation on a physical or virtual server (Open Source on git Hub).