Hot text chat

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Hot text chat

A good chunk of communication is knowing when it is and isn’t your turn to speak (another chunk is vocal nuance, which is partly addressed by emoticons); on a half-duplex line (where only one person can speak at a time) like a walkie-talkie, you really do have to say “over” to make sure your partner doesn’t miss anything.

The end result, however, wasn’t always decipherable after the fact. (This would be the talk screen at the end of the conversation.

However, if you don't want to disable group messaging entirely, you can easily leave any group chat you don't want to be a part of.

How do you feel about the typing indicator—“David is typing”—that appears on your buddy’s screen while you’re composing a message in chat?

Instead, talk split the screen in half and transmitted everything you typed letter by letter.

If you typed something and then deleted it, your friend would see the whole gaffe.

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