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It is preferred, however, that all nominations and applications be submitted prior to March 31, 2018. Williams, Vice President Parker Executive Search Five Concourse Parkway, Suite 2900 Atlanta, GA 30328 Phone: 770-804-1996 ext.For a complete position description, please visit the Current Opportunities page at https:// 109 [email protected]

Moore, a former State Supreme Court judge, if he won “because he does not meet the ethical and moral requirements of the United States Senate.”The day’s events seemed to harden the resolve of Senate Republicans to avert what they fear would be a nightmare situation going into the midterm elections next year: being associated with a man accused of preying on children.“It’s drip by drip, cut by cut,” said Senator Richard C. Mc Connell.“He has failed conservatives and must be replaced,” said Mr. One idea being discussed, first brought up by two different White House officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity, would be for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to run as either a write-in candidate or to be appointed to what was his seat should Mr. Trump has frayed since he recused himself from the investigation of the role that Russia played in last year’s presidential campaign. But Republicans increasingly believe that enduring such a narrow majority may be a price they are willing to pay if it means keeping Mr. The Republicans’ legislative agenda, including on taxes, already faces uncertain prospects and could be swallowed in a maelstrom of controversy around Mr. The implications for the 2018 elections could be even graver, Republicans fear, with several party strategists predicting that Democrats would brand them as the party of child sex abuse.

Moore in a statement, appending President Trump’s trademark: “#draintheswamp.”Publicly, Mr. For their part, Alabama Republicans are warning of the perils of barring Mr. A write-in campaign, they suggested, would prove fruitless and perhaps help the Democrats, while a move to block or expel Mr.

Mc Connell, appearing at a news conference in Louisville, said he was “looking at” drafting a write-in candidate for the Dec. Moore would further poison the relationship between the Republican Party’s leaders and its populist wing.“If the people of this state go forward and select their U. senator as Roy Moore, it will be because there is a deep suspicion of what has been coined as the establishment in D.

Good battles evil and we know who is good and who is evil.

How comforting that is in the #Me Too era when the men we revere turn out to be small and evil.

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In mere hours, he went from hero to madman who allegedly drunkenly and maniacally attacked women.

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