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How a merchant services provider treats a high-risk business can also vary widely.Many providers, particularly those that try to offer merchant services at the lowest possible prices, simply do not accept any high-risk businesses at all.If you’re having trouble getting approved, take a look at our top picks for high-risk merchant accounts.The first thing to understand about high-risk businesses is that your processor will determine whether you fall into one of their high-risk categories when you apply for a merchant account.This helps to reduce their exposure to fraud and keeps costs low for their existing clients.Other providers will allow certain high-risk companies, but will charge you significantly higher rates and fees for your merchant account due to the elevated risk they’re accepting by giving you a merchant account.Finally, we’ll give you some tips for avoiding the not-so-high-quality providers that prey on high-risk merchants.

Your contract will also usually include an early termination fee that applies if you close your account before the end of your contract term.There’s also a third category of providers who specialize in placing high-risk businesses.While their rates and fees aren’t a good deal for non-high-risk merchants, they can often provide a merchant account for high-risk businesses that have been turned down by other providers.While most non-high-risk businesses have some ability to negotiate the length of their contract terms, the industry average is around three years for the initial term, with an automatic renewal clause that extends it for one-year periods after that.These lengthy contracts have been very unpopular with merchants, and the trend within the industry is moving more toward month-to-month agreements so you can cancel your account at any time without incurring a penalty.

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While the exact criteria for determining high-risk status vary from one provider to the next, the following factors are usually used to determine whether a business qualifies as high-risk: Below is a list of business types that are often considered high-risk.

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