Error validating ldap url and credentials

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If you get a chance, could you post an anonymized copy of your auth profiles from the file?

Name: LDAP-Staff-New Remote LDAP Tree: dc=domain,dc=com,dc=a Hosts: Service Port: 636 LDAP Version: 3 Search time limit: 30 Bind time limit: 30 Filter: staff=1 Check Host attribute: Enabled SSL: Enabled Check SSL Peer: Disabled Warning Logging: Enabled Debug Logging: Disabled This prompts us for a username/password but authentication will never pass while the filter attribute is set.

Tom Hi Tom, You can list the config using 'b profile auth ldap list' from the command line or in the GUI under System | Console.

Can you also enable warning and debug logging on the profile, retest and check /var/log/ltm for the output?

The only configuration supported for multi-domain Active Directory is domain tree.

We have a situation where we need to do URL authentication based on the makeup of a URL.

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