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As a result of that review, Stages made a number of updates to their power meter firmware since then, including addressing specific items that were raised as concerns during the review. No, it was riding with 3-4 power meters concurrently. One of the Slowtwitch editors recently noted something along the lines of ‘The fun factor of these rides were approximately zero’. Aside from being a cold and rainy winter, there’s more complexity in ensuring that every setting and start/stop time is exactly the same when you have so many head units and power meters running concurrently.I’m reasonably confident that outside of Stages themselves, I probably have the largest and most complete data set of a single rider against as many additional power meters as one can technically attach to their bike. Each head unit records data differently, and finding ones that record data the same way is critical to testing.

It was interesting to me in that a lot of people took very different things away from the review. They provided iterations of new firmware updates, and I updated. Except, it wasn’t just riding with a single power meter.Mostly as a way to ‘catch-up’ folks on various areas of note relevant to this review.On my pedaling: It’s been funny how some have attempted to identify issues with my riding style during the original review, somehow impacting the tests. Either the product works with a random cyclist (me), or it doesn’t.All of it meant that the ride got tossed from using in this review.All data shown in this review is prior to the firmware update from approximately two weeks ago.

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