Dating tips the love letter

Posted by / 15-May-2020 15:38

Dating tips the love letter

After all, isn't part of what makes your relationship great all the laughter and funny times you've shared?

We checked in with Love Coach and fairy godmother Renée Suzanne on why writing a love letter is so special.

At the end of a date night with your guy, slip the postcard in your purse, and then later, write a sweet note about the evening you just spent together: How good the dessert you split was, how handsome he looked all dressed up in his suit, how much you always love just spending time with him.

It's short, it's sweet, it's an automatic keeper for the memory box.

But still, in a sea of disposable text messages and Snapchats, it's lovely to have the occasional written evidence of the romance in your relationship.

The kind of thing you can save in a scrapbook or shoebox of memories and then look through them 20 years later with your future children. You may not be Elizabeth Barrett Browning, but you can still do it in your own way.

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And besides, how would you even know what to write?