Dating someone with pcos Wetsex chat

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It messes with my weight, feelings, makes me unable to have a child and, worst of all, makes me feel like less of a woman." "Every time someone tells me they're pregnant I get depressed." "I found out I have PCOS and have been trying to convince myself that I don't want kids and a family ever since." "I hate being the fat friend.I have PCOS and a hormonal imbalance so when I try to lose weight I can't lose much. I want a different body." "I am worried I will disappoint my fiance if it won't allow me to get pregnant.There are things that I can do to manage my PCOS and help with my symptoms.The biggest thing I can do for me is to lead a healthy lifestyle, keep active and eat properly.Also, please share with them with me once in a blue moon because I also deserve a treat every now and then.

This one is for your partner, family and significant other.

"I have PCOS, which comes with embarrassing body hair.

I don't know if I'll ever feel comfortable enough to have sex with someone." "I haven't visited my doctor in 2 years for fear that my condition has worsened and they'll have to remove my ovaries, leaving me barren forever." "I'm scared I'll never be able to have that child or that relationship because I'm not 'normal.'" "I'm so tired of having PCOS.

Let’s go for lots of long walks, take up mountain biking or ballroom dancing.

If you do have treats (which you’re totally entitled to), please hide them from me so that I’m not tempted by them.

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Thank you for loving me in spite of my many faults (PCOS included) and thank you for choosing to walk this road with me.