Dating portuguese brazil antony starr dating

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Dating portuguese brazil

Rio is a beautiful city situated with mountainous landscapes and blessed with a gorgeous beach.Girls are beautiful as well, always dressed to the nines, refusing to leave the house without without high heels.Unfortunately male gringos in Brazil have a negative reputation as prostitute seekers and exploiters of Brazil’s natural resources (i.e., women). The girls are especially sensitive to such stereotypes, and as a result they will take any negative “asshole-type” behavior very personally.Even a light tease that’s culturally acceptable anywhere else can result in backlash, while the same behavior from a Brazilian guy can be totally acceptable.Though Portugal is fairly small, it still boasts an amazing range of climates and terrains, including volcanic peaks and lagoons, Mediterranean beaches, snowy mountains, and rolling vineyards.

Knowing Portuguese is obviously a plus, but not as important as it seems at first.

Still not sure which culture is a better fit for your Portuguese learning experience?

Read on for more details on each: Portugal, with a population of a little over 10 million, is smaller than Brazil’s two largest cities (less than half of São Paulo), but it makes up for its relatively tiny size with its outsized cultural influence.

Portugal is a more traditional European country, with plenty of wine, cheese, and lots of fresh seafood on the menu, while tropical Brazil is all about the fresh fruits, vegetables, feijoada (a black bean and pork dish) and, of course, meat.

The city’s ancient history has given it an unparalleled architectural and cultural value, with buildings dating back centuries.

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They take care of themselves, and expect the same from guys.

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