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Dating jealous girl

In a healthy relationship, you have both." If you feel rejected when he goes out with the guys, remind yourself that he isn't choosing his friends over you, and think about all the ways he shows he cares. Keeping a piece of history tucked away in a shoebox isn'tthe same as wishing he were living a different life…with her.It's also smart to shake those man-movie scenes out of your head—your husband's "boys' night" will be nothing like .4. Still, you shouldn't stay silent about feeling frazzled.It makes me wonder why you have it.'" It's possible he forgot he kept it! When you work out together and he loses 10 pounds in a month…and you lose zip.

This is his subtle way of saying he craves more affection from you.

Knowing that your partner is protective of you and would go to great lengths to avoid losing you can be comforting.

However, past a certain point, jealousy can be a terrible drain on a relationship.

The fix: "Think about when you've posted on a guy friend's page with zero bad intentions," she says. Is this about you finding out info on social media rather through your spouse?

If so, ask your husband to let you know about any social events and new pals to eliminate surprises.

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But his improved body is beneficial for both of you.