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You define your investment direction; which clearly specifies which securities you wish to invest in, either as a one off or ongoing investment.

Access to Investment Advice You have access to your chosen Investment Adviser, who can help get your Investment Portfolio established, and is available to assist you with any investment related questions you may have ongoing.

You make regular or lump sum payments You can make regular payments, lump sum payments, or a combination of both. You choose your Investment date Your regular or lump sum payments, will be invested on one of our five set investment dates.

You can pay by direct debit, direct credit, or through your Craigs Investment Partners Cash Management Account. Currently the set Investment Dates are 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th and 25th of every month (or the next business day if the selected date falls on a weekend or public holiday).

It’s our flexible investment solution, to help people start investing.

my START is our flexible investment plan for anyone who wants to control how much and how often to invest.

Covers the cost of maintaining your self-selected my START® holdings, processing investments and withdrawals, receiving and actioning correspondence and corporate actions and preparing client statements.

Just in few clicks get an access to thousands of personals over Modesto and find the one who can keep you company.The Investment Options indicate which securities (e.g. Covers the transaction costs of buying and selling securities, and is charged on purchases and sales.Brokerage may also apply on any amounts that are switched between investments. I would like to chat with you and maybe go out to dinner. Learn new techniques on how to make your relationship amazing or how to get an amazing relationship. Unfortunately no experience with LGBTQ community, but am open-minded to help anyone who needs it.

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my START can help you meet short and long-term savings goals, from a holiday to your children’s education or a property purchase.

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