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Earlier this year, ITV trumpeted the return of the dark thriller, and announced the return of stars Christopher, Marsha Thomason and Paterson Joseph.Marsha played his wife Katy, and Paterson played DCI Mark Maxwell, who went on the run at the end of series one.Sophie Dix is one of a string of women accusing Weinstein of sexual harassment but Eccleston said she thought her account was a “one-off”.She has alleged Weinstein pushed her on to the bed and began tugging at her clothes after being invited up to his room at the Savoy hotel in central London in 1990. Actually, I had been told by an ex girlfriend about ten years ago, and I have said this, and she’s one of the people who came forward – Sophie Dix. “But in my head, in my stupid head, it was a one-off. And Sophie is now litigating and etc.” He added: “I feel an idiot, frankly. “And yet it’s there, there’s the patriarchal structure. “Women in Power, Mary Beard – everybody should read that. '” Weinstein has “unequivocally denied” any allegations of non-consensual sex.

Eccleston, who stepped away from the show over ten years ago, also explained why he's never engaged with conventions since leaving ."I've never done conventions," he said. But I've always just wanted to earn my living by acting."And that's not a judgment on people who do them.

CHRISTOPHER Eccleston has pulled out from hit drama Safe House delaying the second series and costing his co-stars their jobs.

The ITV thriller first aired in April 2015 and was a huge hit for the channel and leading man Christopher, 52, who played former copper Robert who was charged with protecting a vulnerable family from a serial killer in his Lake District guest house.

The expensive rewrite has cost Marsha and Paterson their jobs on the hit series.

A source said: “Chris disappeared from filming and ITV won’t say why.

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I bought if for (daughter) Esme – she’s four, she wants to read Peter Rabbit. Investigations are under way by both US and UK police.