Before updating scaffolding from new db schema

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However, it is still error-prone, and the trend is to make the schema upgrades more relaxed, both error developers and production admins.More integrated development environments seem to get built-in database schema versioning naturally.Several third-party tools are available to take control of your database schema for MS SQL Server, e.g.: * Skilled Software: [ Source Control 2003]; * Best Soft Tool Inc.: [ Safe/SSS_SQLSource Safe]; [ Sadalage and Peter Schuh (2002)] [ suggest that Agile DBAs maintain what they call a database change log and an update log, the minimum that you require for simple stovepipe projects where a single application accesses your database.However, to support more complex environments where many applications access the your database you also require a data migration log.Meanwhile, Microsoft is taking advantage of its integrated development environment, and makes it easier to keep database schema under common version control.

That’s just like everyone currently expects something similar to CPAN for every new language which tries to attract serious attention.

In the most serious cases you stop the service, backup the database (this step is usually skipped by everyone once in lifetime, and only once), upgrade the code, run the conversion procedure, start the service back and hope that it all went ok.

This path of less resistance works reasonably well, and rarely leads to disasters.

== Introduction == Have you seen this situation before?

* Your team is writing an enterprise application around a database * Since everyone is building around the same database, the schema of the database is in flux * Everyone has their own "local" copies of the database * Every time someone changes the schema, all of these copies need the latest schema to work with the latest build of the code * Every time you deploy to to a staging or production database, the schema needs to work with the latest build of the code * Factors such as schema dependencies, data changes, configuration changes and remote developers muddy the water How do you currently address this problem of keeping the database versions in working order?

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But these test conditions are completely extensible so you can imagine creating your own to do more powerful test verification.

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