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All other religions and believers in Christ are doomed for Hell.Please feel free to express your honest opinions....A double-standard, fault-finding, brow beating, spirit killing way of life. he made us in His likeness and gave us life to live to the fullest. For me, when my heart is filled with God's true teachings and songs of worship... I have never experienced this sheer volume of nit-picking, tattletales in my life.You would think this behavior limited to the school playground, but it is far worse than you could ever imagine, because it is the adults who are doing it, and it includes shaming those who violate the above rules.There are so many unspoken "rules" that degrade, belittle and supress women. We are never asked to join in a discussion if and when a Bible is brought out.

So now my sister has two kids and has no plans to stop having babies. I look at my friends who are still there and wish them nothing but the best.

The comments below were made at the wiki site: How to Leave the Old Apostolic Lutheran Church, a site which is regularly deleted by anonymous hackers, then restored by Wiki editors.

It is now the first site one gets by googling the topic, no doubt because of this negative attention.

I have heard men boast that they have never changed a diaper. But then they will tell you that is how you SHOULD feel - "we are nothing" they say and say again.

If you feel this way, then that is a good thing because then you are not full of sin.

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I have spent a lot of time talking with them (the younger 3 will be ok due to age) and one of my kids said "but mom if you want to go somewhere else - that is Dead Faith" - woa. Members will tell you "how can you confess to God - he already knows what you did." It's not confessing simpletons - it's REPENTING. Reply to Ledastray On , 16 March 2009 .33 said: I pray for those of you trying to leave the church.

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