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Alan tudyk dating

Much to Hiro's displeasure, Krei and Cass instantly fall for one another.He tries to get his aunt away from Krei, but it is no use. By evening, Hiro is still unhappy with his aunt dating Krei.Unfortunately I saw far too little of this in the first 3 or so episodes and gave up on it.Also, the series opens up with some literal bathroom humor. Still, this is overall a high-bar effort for a web series and I hope that it improves in season 2.He cannot just tell her he is a superhero because she would go berserk. Later at San Fransokyo Tech, Hiro and his friends are visited by Krei, who wants them to inspect the Buddy-Guard.

Don't let your favorite thriller television programs in history get to the bottom of the list - be sure to vote them up so they have the chance to reach the top spot.The flexible display technology was designed by Doctor Mel Myers, who is not pleased with what Krei has done with his invention.He originally wanted it to be used for fun things at surprise parties.He personally wants Hiro and his friends to make sure the drone is safe in exchange of keeping their Big Hero 6 identities a secret, much to their shock.As Krei leaves, he bumps into Cass, who was delivering Hiro's chemistry homework.

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He gets ticked off, but then tries to be calm and forgivable in front of Cass.