Accommodating guests at home

Posted by / 03-Apr-2020 03:03

Depending on where you live and your proximity to a popular summer travel destination (the Grand Canyon? Houseguests come in all different flavors: there are the weekend family reunions, with every meal eaten together; there are the friends just using your place as a crash pad for a city visit; there are visits with little kids, and hence meal times are preset in granite; there are visits where your in-laws prefer to take you out to swanky restaurants every night.

In fact, in just a few weeks my husband's brother and sister-in-law will be piling in with their three kids for a sleepover. First, let's talk food, because what's more important than feeding your guests?

Sometimes I pull out all the stops and make cinnamon rolls. Sometimes I also make one special snack, like a dip and some crackers, to pull out during afternoon activities. You could also tack one on the fridge for easy access.” If the answer is yes or maybe, put it in a dedicated place of purgatory, away from your daily life, and soon you’ll know the true answer about what to do.So, now that you have decluttered and simplified here are….. #1: Sleep in the small bedroom Chances are your 2 bedroom home has one bedroom larger than the other.You can transform your house in the same way by getting a properly fitting dining room set.Next time you sit at a restaurant booth, notice how much space you use and how comfortable you are.

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We were no exception until we gave up convention and moved into the smaller room.